Find Out Detailed Researched SECRETS On How ANYONE Can Get FIT And FABULOUS In Just 7 Days!

Even If You Are Out-Of-Shape, Hormones Raging, Mind And Focus Out Of Control, And Even Stressed With Sleeping Disorders!

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Preventative health care has gained more and more awareness these days, and health coaching is seen as a vital method of assisting to create lifestyle changes.

  • Have you tried various diets that never last or work?
  • Do you want to make a positive change for your health?
  • Have you been meaning to ‘get healthier’ for a while?
  • Have you been forced to cut out foods you love to then go on to be starved and depressed throughout the day?
  • Do you lack the complete willpower and discipline to apply lifestyle changes by yourself?
  • Do you wish you had a proper step by step guide to what foods you should consume and what you should avoid based on your personal body composition?
  • Do you need a guide who can answer your questions and worries throughout your transitional phase?
Hello MaxHealthPotential enthusiast! Welcome to my site and believe me hundreds have already benefited from this program, which made me now to officially publish it and let the word spread further. I’m thrilled to have you visiting this site and know that it will change your life forever as it did for me in 2010! mru_marriot_no_background 2I’m 52 years old, father of 2 boys, and am an entrepreneur, author and philanthropist. However after a crazy lifestyle, a close friend of mine invited me to his body rebalance health SPA and said I need treatment as my internals were all “messed up” according to him. To cut a long story short and after the tests and long stay at the spa, I found out several things about me as well as my body, diet, the benefits of detox, massages, yoga, meditation, enemas, enzymes, etc. to name but a few. I went away as a transformed person, and oh yes, I learnt that I had positive stress (a new term for me) which kept me fully healthy. I had NO internal issues but still lost 5Kg in 8 days and felt like a million dollars. If he had told me what I was going to go through I would not have turned up, but I am now a regular practicing body re-balance juice feast person at least once or twice a year. Previously, I was just like you-wanting to look and feel my best, but found myself not having the time! So, now I took the best from all the research I have done since then and compiled my program that’s had hundreds of friends and family benefit from it. Hence from all that pressure I decided to write my book.

Mru Patels Detox

7 Day Body Rebalance and Detox Juice Feast

I started my body rebalance program which includes the juicing, and let me tell you about the benefits! If you want to have improved metabolism, more peaceful sleep, reduce all sorts of issues from diabetes to even cancer, gain abundant energy, detox naturally, healthy glowing skin, reduced cravings, weight loss, and nutrition at the cellular level-then KEEP READING and see the testimonials too!

I know what you are thinking- It’s going to be an expensive trip to a SPA or an expensive program, take forever to see results, and I’ll be starving all day! Well, I’m here to tell you that you are wrong and be surprised!

My “7 Day Body Rebalance and Detox Juice Feast” is super easy, way better than paying a doctor’s medical bill, and you will be finally taking your health into your own hands! How much money and time do people spend to care for their homes, cars, holidays etc…all material things just to give the “”aha”” factor which is temporary, and we spend thousands on that. Have you imagined for once that if your mind, body and soul is in disorder, you will NOT have the health to have enjoy those Aha moments, so isn’t it obvious to spend some time and money on that…. And by the way my program does NOT cost anything in the grand scheme of things. pill I’d like to ask you a simple question. When you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror, how often do you say, ”I must start that diet, or gym soon?” Well my program is easy, doable at home and is a very natural way to achieve major health benefits NOT only with weight loss. A recent client missed her period after this program and in a panic started doing all tests found them negative yet could not explain how 5 days late can happen with no stomach cramps etc. When she finally had them it was a relief but her comment was ” I feel much better this time and my body feels lot lighter, skin fresher and I am less stressed” . 99% of all women go through extended periods of dissatisfaction with their health and outer appearance. They spend endless hours working out and dieting, hoping beyond hope that the latest effort will produce permanent, long lasting results. It’s tough! Before 2 I know how hard it is. I travel a lot the time on business, and a daily schedule as busy as the President. I was more than 9 kgs overweight, always eating late nights, irregular eating and sleeping patterns, felt oily skinned, wanting to have a drink regularly, party, eat red meats, and very little, if any vegetables. I did zero exercises, well the occasional golf and dancing, that’s the lifestyle I had. Sound familiar? I had zero time for myself. My personal time was my lowest priority. However, just because I was having fun and could keep doing that, I thought I was healthy and will go on like this forever, which I do want to, hence I decided to change and do everything in a balance. So with that in mind and after all we have only one life, lets enjoy that and keep things in balance. I found my program gave me that balance, like going to a car service every 6 months, changing all the oil, filters, fluids etc and rejuvenating it with new fresh higher graded replacements. That’s what this program will do for you! So, like me if you want to stay away from doctors and reinvent yourself for good, it is not easy. It is very hard work but all doable from home and I am sure you can all sacrifice 7 days once in 6 months or a year.



after 2 So after finishing the program, the first thing I did was to start eliminating all white foods like bread, salt, pasta, pizza, fizzy drinks, sugar and generally all processed foods from my diet, and I returned to regular Yoga and Meditation. I was impressed by Dr. Wallace’s research on In other words, a 50-year old meditator had the physiology of a 38 year old. Some subjects in Wallace’s study had a biological age, an astonishing 27 years younger than their chronological age. The impact of meditation on ageing. He found that among subjects with average chronological age of 50 years, those practicing Transcendental Meditation, a mantra-based meditation, for over five years had a biological age 12 years younger than their chronological age. Little by little, I began to shed the weight I had gained, but this time I improved my results by adopting my juice feast program and the results were positively encouraging. This time I lost 4kgs, my BMI went down 8% and my internal biological age went down by 2. It was 5 years above my real age when I first went on the program, lost that 5 years and put on 2 years after the program. So the net effect was still up. After this 2nd program after a year I lost another 3 years in the biological age and additional weight of 3.5kgs. I am now at my perfect BMI, and can still improve on the biological age which stands at 3 years below my real age. Mind-bending, eh? Hey don’t worry, after the first 30 days past the juice feast program, I still go back to having cheat days, whereby I eat and treat myself for being good that week. I still maintain the eat less and often policy and become realistic about we have one life so let’s live that too !

So what is the Magic Secret Program?
So after that research, I began to structure my own “7-Day Body Rebalance and Detox Juice Feast” and had massive results with improved energy levels and the mind even more focused in every aspect of my life. 200359539-001 What’s different about my approach? It’s simple. Most diets are about fasting; depriving your body of calories, and eventually wind up making you even hungrier and the weight loss lasts temporarily. Try losing weight when you are starving all the time. Your body simply won’t allow it. Worse than that what actually happens is that the mind send signals to the internal cells saying “”no food for long time”” so it protects all the cells with fat as a means of protection from attack. This is called visceral fat and a high level of that creates all sorts of illnesses. Hence, my “7-Day Body Rebalance and Detox Juice Feast” actually provides essential nutrients, oxygen (from the yoga and meditation, which no diet tell you about), purifies the blood by taking in green based veggie juices, detoxifies, and rejuvenates your body as you lose weight. It actually helps to bring your body back into balance, and restores your energy.
Here are some of the benefits of the “7-Day Body rebalance and Detox Juice Feast”:
  • Purifies and Alkalizes, hence less acid in the system (root cause to illnesses)
  • Improves digestion you eat less.
  • Regenerates the skin, feels fresher
  • Rebuilds and rejuvenates the body
  • Detoxification
  • Helps the mind focus on repairing the cells (as it stops to think of daily digestion)
  • Hydrates the body (as you will drink at least 1.5ltrs of water daily)
  • Restores balance of Missing Nutrients
  • Balances Your mind, body and soul
  • Hormones re-balanced
  • Regenerates cells, glands and organs (food will taste better afterwards and your sense of smell improves too)
Listen to a few of my clients – It’s Amazing
“After trying the Mru Patel 7 Day Juice Feast program, I was very impressed and surprised by the results. I was expecting to be hungry and maybe lose a bit of weight. After the second day my body had adjusted to consuming the raw vitamins and minerals in juice form and I was feeling great. I enjoyed preparing the juices and smoothies and even though it was hard to keep up I benefited largely from my morning yoga and meditation sessions. By the end of the week, my visceral fat went down by 1, BMI went down 1.5 ( over 7%), my internal body age went down by 3, and I lost 4.5kg in just 7 days!! I feel so much calmer after the program, and have so much more energy. I have lost my cravings for certain foods and have incorporated more raw foods into my diet! I have passed the program onto my mother, sister and other relatives and they are doing it right now! Would recommend to all!!”
Florentina Istrati, Romania
“In May 2012 I decided to have a 1 week detox. This was very hard for me because I really enjoy solid food and deserts. I prepared the way Mru Patel told me today, slowly decreasing sugar and processed foods then shocking my body into absorbing all the nutrients. After 4 days I started to feel amazing, I was losing loose fat very easily around my stomach and face, and my digestive system felt much better even though I was hungry. At the end of the week my weight was down 4kg and my morale was up 200%! I now use a 40% raw food diet and I never want to go back! I will be detoxing again same time next year ! Thanks Mru !”
Laina, Romania
“I have been a raw foodist for the past year, but after trying the week-long juice feast I have seen even more benefits to raw ingredients. Juicing lets the nutrients get into my system faster and have given me unbelievable levels of energy. My face has cleared up and my skin is glowing more than usual! I achieved my goals in losing 4kg and have met other life goals thanks to Mru Patel’s remote assistance. The detox was a fantastic experience and I will be repeating it over the holiday season!”
Julia, Italy
“The past couple of months have been very stressful on my body and therefore my overall energy and health has deteriorated . After Mru suggested his detox plan, I decided to give it a try and even though the first two days were hard, the following days were fantastic. I no longer had the fatigue that would cause me to lose focus and clarity, my sleeping patterns had returned to normality and by the end of the 8th day I was down 3kg. I am still having one fruit juice a day and my diet has changed completely to include more greens, 3 weeks after the end of the detox I am down 8kg and have never felt better! I definitely recommend this to everybody!”
James Cordith, Uk
Frequently Asked Questions……
Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you gain clarity and finally make a small investment to maximise your full potential and health naturally.


Buy today and you will receive these 5 FREE eBooks directly to your e-mail;

  • Kicking fear and anxiety to the curb

  • Loving yourself and others

  • The three pillars of strength

  • Concrete confidence affirmation

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Charity Cabral

How do I know I need a detox?
Do you….
  • Feel sluggish, lethargic, tired
  • Have trouble concentrating or staying focused
  • Experience Headaches
  • Have joint pain
  • Catch colds easy
  • Have trouble falling asleep
  • Have bad breath
  • Have an unpleasant body odor
  • Have frequent gas, bloating or indigestion
  • Have allergies and/or food sensitivities
  • Have any skin problems e.g acne, psoriasis, eczema
  • Have constipation and other gastrointestinal irregularities
  • Experience depression or anxiety
  • Experience irritability
  • Recurrent respiratory problems
  • Have back pains
  • Ever get hemorrhoids
  • Commonly get sinus congestion
  • Experience mood swings

You hold the power to regain your health balance through natural detoxification

Detoxification Shakti Raw

When should I start?
Tomorrow…read the book for further information and motivation.
How does juice fasting help me detox?
The super nutritive properties abundant in the juices and supplements ensures the process of detoxification is greatly assisted for cleansing the bloodstream, tissues and cells. The alkalinity of the juices prevent the body becoming too acidic during fasting and speeds up the healing process. The minerals present in the juices flood the cells with oxygen enabling a more efficient detoxification and healing process.
How does losing weight help me detox?
Our body stores toxins and unwanted poisonous substances in our fat cells. During a juice fast normal calorie consumption is restricted and the body relies on reserved fat stores as an alternative energy source. The process of breaking down fat for energy releases stored toxins for excretion through the organs of elimination such as the kidneys, lungs, colon, liver and skin. Our detox lasts for 7 days and normally by day 3 or 4 of your detox, your weight loss will be well under way aiding the elimination of toxins.
How do colonics help me detox?
The colon is riddled with pockets , where waste collects. It is difficult for these pockets to be thoroughly clean because of the tricky angles they present and the large quantities of food that pass through the colon on a daily basis. But fasting allows for these pockets to have a spring clean. Cleansing the colon with water enhances the fasting process and speeds up detoxification enabling toxins to be expelled quicker than juice fasting alone.
How will raw food help me detox?
Raw food is a wonderful cleansing dietary regime due to the high level of nutrient dense plant foods consumed. Some individuals favour eating 80-100% raw as a healthy lifestyle choice. Its not uncommon for those switching to a raw diet to experience detox symptoms due to the cleansing/alkalising nature of the diet. When cooked meals are switched in favour of raw meals the body naturally has less toxicity to deal with, digestion is enhanced and the bowels function better leading to less constipation and a cleaner colon.
How will Personal Transformation help me detox?
Detoxification is a process that occurs physically in the body and also mentally in the mind. Emotional wellbeing can be hindered due to feelings such as fear, anger, anxiety, sadness and stress, creating toxic thoughts and negativity. These emotional imbalances can be held and stored deep within the body. Over time these feelings and emotions can manifest into something physical such as disease and illness. Healing and NLP can help address any issues or emotional barriers that are causing a negative thought process or emotional sadness. Detoxing the mind on a emotional level is equally as important as detoxing the body on a physical level.
What do I do for the 30 days after the detox?
Be sure that for the 30 days after your Juice Detox that you still upkeep a routine for your lifestyle that includes 1) hot water with lemon in the mornings, 2) yoga/meditation, 3) avoiding oily/fatty foods, and 4) physical activity.

Be honest. Ask yourself, “What have I consumed today that will make me healthier? What have I done today that will add another day to my life?”

Try the 7-Day Body Rebalance and Detox Juice Feast and experience the results for yourself. You’ll feel and look better. Your energy level will improve, and your skin will look healthier and positively glow. Your cravings for sweet treats will gradually diminish while you detoxify your body and feed it much needed nutrients and vitamins. Supplements have their place, but nothing takes the place of a steady diet of organic fruit and vegetable juice. Grab this eBook and start reading it even if it’s 2:00 am in the morning. Your purchase is guaranteed for 8 weeks! If you don’t see results after implementing “7-Day Body Rebalance and Detox Juice Feast” for 8 weeks simply return it for a full money back refund, no questions asked!

Thanks and YES, Mru! I like to take action and I’M A MAKE IT HAPPEN KIND OF Person! IM READY TO ENJOY LIFE, AND ORDER YOUR 7-Day Body Rebalance and Detox Juice Feast! Only ONE PAYMENT of Eur 24.95 will get you my Exclusive 7-Day Body Rebalance and Detox Juice Feast! Plus ;
  • 5 Bonus eBooks ( Price: 30 Euro)
  • 5 relevant top articles sent directly to your email.
  • Unlimited email help with Mru Patel as your virtual coach, for 8 weeks from date of purchase. ( Price: 150 Euro)
Full Price: Euro 175
Best Price: Euro 24.95

Charity Cabral

The Day Body Rebalance and Detox Juice Feast program provides the latest expert realistic information and on-going health coaching on how to improve your lifestyle in relation to:

  • Identifying problem areas
  • Stress management
  • Energy creation
  • Willpower & discipline
  • Healthy eating, Nutrition, Personalized diets
  • Active lifestyle ( implementing breathing exercises, yoga, meditation)
  • Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight
  • Developing personal health goals by using the SmartER goals plan
  • Creating action plans to execute towards your goals
  • Maintaining motivation and inspiration
  • Creating solutions for successful lifestyle change that is natural, healthy and appealing to the individual
  • Various free eBooks and recipes to ensure the individual has a blueprint to stay on track

To Your MaxHealthPotential,
Mru Patel

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