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  • Have you made several mistakes and fear the next major task?

  • Do you crave a healthy balanced lifestyle to pump up your overall performance?

  • Are you easily distracted and have trouble focusing?

  • Do you find that you’ve lost the courage and motivation to fight your battles?

  • Are you wondering why you put in so many hours and still getting no further than you were last year?

  • Are your goals and targets always getting away from you?

If YOU answered YES to any of the Above, I am here to help you with this limited time Bargain price ; Mru’s Minute Mentoring Modules, for just 45 Euros!

This Limited Time Offer also includes the FULL version of my upcoming Entrepreneurship book, Personal Goal Sheets, my Chapter on Passion & Success, the FULL SmartER Goals eBook, my Happiness Balance Wheel of Life formula, a Video Workshop and access to an exclusive interactive Webinar with me! Plus a special prize at the end for one lucky winner! Use these resources and tools to take action towards your goals to see real success and progress.

E-mail me here if you would like to pay via other means. If you are in Bucharest we can arrange a cash payment. Invoices can be issued.

You will get 30+ videos sent directly to your e-mail , featuring all the below topics and more! Each video includes tips , exercises and actions to take, so you will have a day or two between the video to take action towards your customized unique goals. Studies have shown that most people who invest in digital training programmes do not finish the set content due to either lost interest or not having enough time.

I respect and value your time and have created this course in a special way for all my followers to keep their interest peaked with clear accountable actions to take. Allow me to inspire you to with my PEP talks ( Personal Enhanced Performance ) , you will be able to keep on top of the content because they are simple, fun, precise with higher-order thinking.


About the Course


This 30+ Video and eBook program will be your personal step by step guide to re-innovating and rejuvenating your goals, methods, mind-set and career! This transformational interactive course, will not only provide countless benefits to your lifestyle, but you will also be able to use the added Bonus Gifts to fast track your route to happiness and success! You will receive the full pdf copy of my upcoming Entrepreneurship book, as well as 3 other eBooks, Goals Sheets and my Balance Wheel of Life worksheet!

Personal Performance Development is the first essential move for Fast Tracking Your Career to Success. All mental and physical obstacles need to be overcome and the first Chapter of this course will show you exactly how to do that. With modules on Addressing Fear, Self Believe & Motivation, Courage, Focus, and a Holistic Approach to Life.

The Second Chapter focuses on Developing Key Skills. Learning how to take Action and apply routine habits and systems to your lifestyle is an important part of this module, as well as adopting change and progressing with the right resources. It also reveals a couple of essential secrets to success and how to build energy to take on your Goals!

The Third Chapter deals with Goal Setting & Achieving and learning how to stretch yourself to ensure you achieve your goals! Using Mru Patel’s unique systems such as SmartER Goals , MOT Goals, PBE, PAR and more, you will be able to realise what you really want out of life and how to map your way there. Discover why people fail and move forward by learning from their mistakes!


This course which is set of short videos, books and webinar sessions is a proven system designed to help you create positive performance gains that will dramatically improve the quality of your life on all levels.

Personal Transformation!

  • Addressing Your Fears

  • How to Live a Fulfilled Balanced Life

  • Believe In Yourself

  • Taking Courage

  • Focus (5 Part Series, Learn To Let Go, Handling Distractions, Diet And Regular Stretches, Meditation, Your Environment)

  • Life..Is It Black And White?

  • Personal Transformation Talks 2 Part Series

  • Personal Transformation 3 Part Series (Creating the Right Mind-Set, Mistakes, Regrets)

  • Positive Thinking & Laws of Attraction

  • Sharing & Being a Team Player

  • State Of Mind Video Workshop


Developing Key Skills!

  • Actions

  • Building Energy

  • Developing Key Skills

  • Practise is Key

  • Habits to Adopt

  • Adopting Change ( TedX)


Setting + Achieving Smarter Goals!

smarter goals fara text

  • How to Reach Your Goal

  • How to Achieve Success

  • Smarter Goals

  • Stretch Yourself

  • Top 3 Reasons for Failing To Hit Goals


About Me

Mru Patel (CEO of EPIS and Founding CEO of EPSG Fund, and Shakti Holistic International)

I am an internatinal Serial Entrepreneur, as well a best selling author, Coach / Mentor, Speaker, Intrapreneur, Real Estate and Angel Investor.

My current goal is to inspire a new generation of budding entre(& intra)preneurs by helping them locate their G ( Greatness ) Spot 2 Success and my speciality lies with helping you to Fast Track Your Business To Success (as per my book title) and multiply your personal performance and business in record time.


Having lived and worked in 4 continents and several countries with a long track record of successes in major blue chip organisations as well as new business development internationally, with intrapreneur and entrepreneur experience of over 30 years. I can also assist you in becoming an Authority and Expert / Celebrity in your field. I have been on the forefront of the internet since pre and post dot com, through it and back again to cloud computing. I was one of the early visionaries for open source movement with Sun Microsystems in late 1990s, where my colleague, the VP Eric Schmidt then left and headed up google to make that vision a reality.

I have consulted or worked for world renowned clients in Fortune 500 companies and spoken to audiences around the world, the largest being a Police conference in USA of some 10,000+ senior chiefs. You will be positioned as the expert and authority in your field with my specially created systems of PERL, PAR, ACE Branding and various others.


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A free 1 Hr Webinar on accountability of this program and how to use the forms and Bonuses for maximum impact on your life.


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Once you have paid, you will be asked for the name/email address that you wish to receive the modules on. Make sure you enter your name and e-mail as only then will you be on an exclusive list for the digital modules. I will be sharing the videos via private e-mails and via a private YouTube channel. Remember to take action and feel free to message me at any point for any questions or general feedback!

What People Say ;
Mru’s ‘go get it’ attitude and the unrelenting spirit to fight all odds is what commands my appreciation every time I hear his name or meet him.He labels entrepreneurship as his playing field where he coaches players to be the ultimate winners. Mru has intensively leveraged on his life’s experiences to write his programmes so as to help you better understand the dynamic rules of the game and transform you from tactical operator to strategic leader at an accelerated pace. Looking forward to seeing you again!.
Raymond Aaron, Top 10 NY Times Best Seller
Mru Patel is a valued speaker at Business Days based on his International experience as a serial entrepreneur. His style and delivery as a public speaker is not only inspirational and thought provoking but also of great value to the entrepreneurs in the Audience.
Laszlo Pacso, Founder of Business Days projects
I fully recommend Mru Patel’s seminars! After joining in the spring, I was surprised that once I applied the lessons learnt from Mru Patel I had clear results. I think everyone who will attend your session will be immediately impressed and motivated by what you have to offer. You are able to inject excitement and more than satisfy the expectations of the attendees in explaining the concepts of your leadership lessons. I wish to thank you for a great presentation and the clear lessons learnt that certainly helped me to improve my life and to make better decision in the future.I have found clear positive results in these 3 areas of my life –
1. Health – Now I choose carefully what I would like to eat and drink.
2. Vision about life – now I have a clear vision about what I want to achieve, how much time & energy I need to invest for that goal; I used your exercise “SMARTER” and set up a bigger goal to accomplish.
3. Career – I fixed one of the most common problems – Time management – now I have a daily, weekly, monthly and annual plan for learning, self- development and also I have enough free time to spend with my family and friends.
Vlad Oancea
Mru patel’s approach is different than most of the theories about goals I read before. The general advise, which seems to flow from everywhere, is: “set your goals”, “dream big” etc. This is great…Still, his approach on how to achieve this is so human, clear, coherent and realistic. Just beautiful!
Anca Boian
I have to tell you that you are an inspiration for me. What I liked most was how you started your business, how strong you believed in your ideas to invest in something and I know that you are not just a businessman, you are not the person who looks for big profit in short time, you also do clean business, you care about people, you help them, you are more than just a “money maker” and that is what i admire about you. Thank you for teaching us, that is not all about the money!
Gabriela Stroe
During the conference held by Mru Patel at Timisoara, I had, for few moments, the impression that I felt the dedication and energy that I had felt almost 2 weeks ago in London at UPW. And this was coming from Tony! I couldn’t contain myself, and I confessed this to him personally. I told him he was one of the best and most experienced presenters I had seen. I also acknowledged that even though in Romania there are really good trainers, many of whom I have watched and met, Mru is the only one ( in my opinion) that comes near to what Anthony Robbins does and transmits! It would be amazing if he could create a course, seminar or something in Romania.
Iacob Ioan Adrian
“Mru Patel is a great friend and coach to learn from especially when it comes to business and presentation in audiences. He is one of the 3 main anchors I know who is in an audience that knows how to play the audience to act in a certain direction when required which I have witnessed several times over the past 7 years during charity auctions. His biggest strength is also with no publicity as he is NOT there to be seen.”
Cabral, Entertainer, Actor, Romania
I just wanted to tell you how happy I am I met you. You are such an amazing person and you inspired me to go on with my business and make things happen! Can’t wait for the next sessions and the interesting examples and stories to help me progress further.
Ioana Neamtu
“Mru Patel’s speeches are the same quality as Tony Robbins’.”
Tudor Tel
I have known Mru for many years as, first and foremost a close friend and was obviously aware of his past business experiences and his mentoring and analytical skills. As a result of our mentoring over the odd glass or two of the best whiskies, until the wee small hours, admittedly with his high energy and selfless passion to help others, I gradually learned to swallow my pride and listen to a much younger experienced entrepreneur for a change. Thanks to Mru’s advice and guidance, I am now going to concentrate on looking after my body first and lose the pot belly, I currently have, due to over indulgence in both wine and high carbohydrate food products. Secondly and probably most importantly, I have taken stock of where I am and have reached the sad conclusion, I have been living in the past for too long. With Mru’s help I am now moving to the future, not with dreams, but with actions, habits and systems . I will be moving to Bucharest to use my past experience to develop new business opportunities for myself and others, ably assisted, hopefully, by Mru. Thanks, Mru dear friend, for helping me change my outlook for which I will be eternally grateful. The rest is now up to me. At least Mru, you can add to your CV that YOU can teach an old dog new tricks.
Jim Hendry
“How much a person can change in just one month? Very much! Many would say that change comes over time through several stages, it takes patience and determination. Yes, it’s true. But when the right help is the first factor of change, everything happens otherwise. For me, the change meant more than a month, but the main help came from Mru Patel! Thanks!!”
Raluca Muresan, Romania
“Change comes when you are determined to follow your dreams and having the courage to follow that. I was going through these issues and getting depressed until I met Mru Patel who gave me the right advice how to address my passion and complete my messes and stories in the mind to debate these issues with my parents. I got full confidence to facing them and having the discussions to now being fully supported to focus on my passion and career. I have since released two new songs, appeared on TV and enjoyed every moment of it with their support. Thank to Mru Patel I am much more relaxed with the day to day challenges of life.”
Kyra, USA
I’ve seen Mru Patel in action, and he is highly interactive, passionate and energetic! An artist on the stage, Congratulations and Thank You!
Ginette Biolan

BUILD, MEASURE, & LEARN the key habits for happiness and success as well all the essential lessons and resources to enhance your personal performance in all areas!

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