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  • Do you feel stuck and that something is holding you and your business back? Can’t figure out what it is?

  • Are you an anspiring ambitious entrepreneur who is frustrated at the level of profits you are making?

  • Are you sick of listening to small time business coaches who have never grown a real business and keep repeating the same unhelpful information?

I can show you, via my unique mentoring and entrepreneurship strategies, how to increase productivity & performance and how to start achieving your SmartER Goals!

I am honoured to take part in the final Lead Your Life 6.0 workshop on the 18th of June, at the Marshal Garden Hotel in Bucharest. Along with Dragos Barbalata, I will be revealing the necessary tools and character traits needed to take your life to the level you desire : your maximum potential.

We will provide you with the essential resources, strategies and tools, but YOU must take ACTION towards your goals! Coupled with what you will learn at this workshop, you will walk away with a rejuvinated and re-innovated mindset, allowing you to focus on your next steps with a step by step guide!

Register now by e-mailing office@mrupatel.com and confirming your interest in attending this exclusive event! You will receive a confirmation e-mail as well as a short pre-questionairre which will assist us in assisting you towards another level of your life.

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This event is practically free, ( we recommend a 10 Lei donation to cover logistic costs ) , it will be the smartest 2 hour investment you will make this year !

WorkShop Goals

My Session’s Dominant Theme:

How to set SmartER Goals

MOT Goals

Understand Why People Fail at Achieving Their Goals

Create Your Own Unique Action Plan

My Exclusive HABITS Model



About the Speakers

Mru Patel

Mru Patel is a Serial Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Success Coach and Mentor. He is one of THE few Internationally experienced serial entrepreneurs and success coaches with real International experience having lived and worked in 4 continents with over 30+ years of experience. He is the author of the popular titles ‘7 day body rebalance juice fast program, ‘The Art and Science of Success’ and ‘Setting Smarter Goals’. A motivational speaker & success coach, a philanthropist and a well travelled visionary, his vision is to inspire a generation of entrepreneurs by helping them reach success in their field and to also improve today’s society by giving back. The book is backed by an experience of more than 3 decades, he has witnessed success in whichever business he has stepped into. This is largely the result of his passionate, vision, relentless and well-planned professional decisions. Known for his business acumen and innovative spirit, he is highly respected in the corporate world, having worked with some of the greatest leaders of our times, including Scott McNealy, Larry Ellison, Eric Schmidt, etc and been trained by most of the big coaches including Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Richard Branson, Robin Sharma, Raymond Aaron (from the movie The Secret and NY times Best selling Author, having wrriten the foreward to my last book, Fast Track Your Business to Success – a copy for everyone attending). He has also had his fair share of failures which he calls wisdom to the path of success that he explains in this book as key lessons.
His independent thinking, research, attention to detail and strong observation power have helped him to understand the business dynamics closely and squeeze the wealth of information to create practical, insightful principles for success at both personal and professional level. A graduate from University of Brighton (UK), he has established successful businesses in real estate, personal transformation, health and wellness, business coaching and social media. He lives travelling between Dubai, UK and Romania mostly.


Dragos Barbalata

Dragos is a former corporate who has made the jump to entrepreneurship. Dragos worked in the finance industry for several years, at companies like Deloitte, but has since been through a personal transformation towards personal development.He has founded the Association of Young Professionals Club He is a very skilled coordinator and public speaker, as well as providing key tools to wards to success for young entrepreneurs.



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What People Say ;
Mru’s ‘go get it’ attitude and the unrelenting spirit to fight all odds is what commands my appreciation every time I hear his name or meet him.He labels entrepreneurship as his playing field where he coaches players to be the ultimate winners. Mru has intensively leveraged on his life’s experiences to write his programmes so as to help you better understand the dynamic rules of the game and transform you from tactical operator to strategic leader at an accelerated pace. Looking forward to seeing you again!.
Raymond Aaron, Top 10 NY Times Best Seller
During the conference held by Mru Patel at Timisoara, I had, for few moments, the impression that I felt the dedication and energy that I had felt almost 2 weeks ago in London at UPW. And this was coming from Tony! I couldn’t contain myself, and I confessed this to him personally. I told him he was one of the best and most experienced presenters I had seen. I also acknowledged that even though in Romania there are really good trainers, many of whom I have watched and met, Mru is the only one ( in my opinion) that comes near to what Anthony Robbins does and transmits! It would be amazing if he could create a course, seminar or something in Romania.
Iacob Ioan Adrian
“Mru is an outstanding businessman, sales professional and entrepreneur. His performance as a Sales Manager was instrumental in increasing Sun’s market share between 1997-2000. More recently, I have admired his entrepreneurial spirit and tenacity in building a very robust real-estate business in Romania. Mru is an energetic, creative entrepreneur who has built a significant services business from scratch. ”
Shanker Trivedi, VP NVIDIA, USA
“Mru has the ability to pull together teams of people that have a can do mentality. In addition he has a hidden talent of getting the most out of people. I would recommend Mru to anyone who is interested in coaching, and property/land investments in Romania.”
Niel Metha, Board Director, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Private Equity, UK
“How much a person can change in just one month? Very much! Many would say that change comes over time through several stages, it takes patience and determination. Yes, it’s true. But when the right help is the first factor of change, everything happens otherwise. For me, the change meant more than a month, but the main help came from Mru Patel! Thanks!!”
Raluca Muresan, Romania
“Mru Patel is a great friend and coach to learn from especially when it comes to business and presentation in audiences. He is one of the 3 main anchors I know who is in an audience that knows how to play the audience to act in a certain direction when required which I have witnessed several times over the past 7 years during charity auctions. His biggest strength is also with no publicity as he is NOT there to be seen.”
Cabral, Entertainer, Actor, Romania
“Change comes when you are determined to follow your dreams and having the courage to follow that. I was going through these issues and getting depressed until I met Mru Patel who gave me the right advice how to address my passion and complete my messes and stories in the mind to debate these issues with my parents. I got full confidence to facing them and having the discussions to now being fully supported to focus on my passion and career. I have since released two new songs, appeared on TV and enjoyed every moment of it with their support. Thank to Mru Patel I am much more relaxed with the day to day challenges of life.”
Kyra, USA
“”Thanks Mru. Having met you and had several discussions over the years, I must admit I admire your energy and commitment to improving the professional development, health and lifestyles of people. At your book launch I found you had a very inspiring speech. I think Romania needs a change in mentality to become competitive in today’s world and you are doing it a big favor. I wish you every success!””
Alex Toroican, UK



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